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Comprehensive fire protection through products from SEDi

A building fire or burglary can destroy the fruits of years of labor in a matter of minutes and cause extensive damage. It is even worse if people are injured in the process. We have something against that - our customized concepts and products for maximum fire protection and security.

In Germany, fire protection is primarily a matter for operators. That's why not only companies, but also operators of discotheques, shopping centers and cinemas, for example, have a great interest in effectively protecting their businesses against burglary and fire - for example with security and fire doors. SEDi helps here with individually tailored solutions for new and existing buildings - not only around our headquarters in Eppingen, but throughout Germany.

All services in the field of fire protection Competent from a single source

To ensure that you receive exactly the fire protection solutions you need, our experts provide you with comprehensive advice in advance. Planning and measurement then take place at the property to be protected so that everything fits perfectly. We also take care of both rapid delivery - of smoke and fire doors, for example - and the proper installation of all components. In addition, our experts take care of force-fit measurements, tests (TÜV and BG UV) and regular maintenance.

Our services in the fire protection segment at a glance:

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Measurement
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Force measurement
  • Inspection (TÜV, BG UV)
  • Maintenance

Our security, smoke and fire doorsoffer numerous advantages

Special doors play a central role in our security and fire protection concepts. While security doors prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access, our smoke and fire doors ensure that dangerous smoke and destructive fires cannot spread in the building. Depending on the needs of our customers and the spatial conditions, we naturally also offer fire protection or fire compartment doors.

Doors and gates that increase fire protection are now mandatory by law in many areas. In addition, there are various relevant standards - such as DIN 4102 - to be observed here. Those who do not take these into account make dangerous compromises when it comes to safety and also receive important fire protection insurance either not at all or often only at significantly worse conditions. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by taking advantage of the expertise of our fire protection technicians.

You would like to optimize the fire protection of your company?Contact us!

Do you need a reliable partner who plans and implements professional fire protection for your company and increases burglar resistance?

Then they turn to us! We protect you, your customers or visitors and your property with our solutions.

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